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What is Insinol

Insinol is a dietary supplement that is claimed to stabilize blood sugar levels, improve vision and heart health, and lower cholesterol. It contains natural ingredients like Gymnema Silvestre extract, Fructus Momordica Charantia, Radix Astragalus Membranaceus, and Spirulina. This supplement is particularly popular in Malaysia, where it is used to manage diabetes. Insinol is said to be made from extracts of natural ingredients, aiming to avoid side effects and health complaints. It is recommended to be taken as per the instructions provided, usually involving several capsules per day over a period of time. Insinol is not available in pharmacies or on major online platforms like Amazon but can be purchased through its official website, often at discounted prices during promotional events. It’s important to note that while positive effects have been reported by users, individual results may vary, and it’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Insinol reviews

Insinol is a dietary supplement that has gained popularity in Malaysia for its blood sugar-stabilizing properties. It’s made from natural ingredients, designed to be safe with no reported side effects. The supplement is particularly favored for its ability to manage diabetes symptoms, regulate blood sugar levels, and support overall metabolic, endocrine, and cardiac system functions. Users have reported positive experiences with Insinol, noting its effectiveness in controlling blood sugar levels and improving various aspects of health. It’s important to note, however, that these are individual experiences and results can vary.

Health professionals have also recommended Insinol, citing its organic composition and benefits in blood sugar management and overall health improvement. The supplement is sold exclusively through its official website in Malaysia, and is not available in pharmacies or on platforms like Amazon. It’s crucial to purchase from the official source to avoid counterfeit products. The recommended dosage is typically 2-3 pills three times a day, following meals, and users are advised to follow the treatment for about 30 days.

In conclusion, while Insinol has received positive feedback from users and health professionals for its natural approach to managing diabetes and improving blood sugar levels, it’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, especially for managing health conditions like diabetes.

Insinol price

The price of Insinol varies depending on the source and location. One promotion offered Insinol at a discounted price of 149 MYR, reduced from the original 298 MYR. This special offer appeared to be part of a “Malaysia without Diabetes” program supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, aiming to make the product more accessible​​. Other sources might list different prices or have varying offers, so it’s advisable to compare different sellers to find the best deal. Some websites like and also list Insinol, but specific pricing information wasn’t immediately available from these sources​​​​. It’s important to purchase Insinol from a reliable source to ensure authenticity and to take advantage of any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Where to buy Insinol in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Insinol can be purchased directly through its official website. This direct purchasing method is part of a strategic approach to keep prices low and to ensure the authenticity of the product. The official website offers Insinol as part of the “Malaysia without Diabetes” program, which is supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. This program aims to provide the supplement at an affordable price, sometimes with significant discounts. However, it’s not available in pharmacies or on major online platforms like Amazon, as many of the health supplements sold there can be fake or contain harmful substances.

It’s important to order Insinol from the official website or verified sources to ensure that you are getting the genuine product. Additionally, purchasing from the official source may offer the benefit of promotional discounts and the assurance of product authenticity. Always be cautious of counterfeit products and scams when looking for health supplements online.

Insinol ingredients

Insinol is a dietary supplement designed to stabilize blood sugar levels. Its ingredients are derived from natural sources, aiming to avoid side effects and health complaints. The main components of Insinol include:

  1. Gymnema Silvestre Extract: Known for its benefits in improving vision and potentially preventing atherosclerosis.
  2. Fructus Momordica Charantia: Contains glycosides that help in lowering blood sugar, preventing atherosclerosis, increasing endurance, and protecting the heart.
  3. Radix Astragalus Membranaceus: A component that aids in preventing diabetes complications and protecting the liver. It also works on increasing albumin and reducing glycogen concentration.
  4. Spirulina: This algae provides valuable nutrients and can significantly lower blood sugar levels. It also helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol and lowering triglyceride levels.

Apart from these, Insinol contains about 50 beneficial substances for blood vessels and skin, including macro- and micronutrients. Some other ingredients mentioned are water, coconut oil, St. John’s wort extract, chamomile flower extract, lemon balm leaf extract, marsupial extract, sage leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil, pine needle oil, propolis extract, myroxylon balsam, resin oil, and limonene.

Insinol is available for purchase directly through its official website, as it is not sold in pharmacies or on major online platforms. This direct sale approach is intended to keep the prices low and ensure the authenticity of the product. The official website also features promotional discounts and offers as part of the “Malaysia without Diabetes” program supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

Insinol manufacturer

The manufacturer of Insinol is not explicitly mentioned in the sources I reviewed. However, Insinol is described as a dietary supplement that is popular in Malaysia for managing blood sugar levels. It contains natural ingredients and is marketed as safe, without any known side effects. The supplement is available for purchase through its official website, which seems to be the primary distributor. This approach ensures the authenticity of the product and often includes promotional discounts. It’s crucial to buy Insinol from the official source to avoid counterfeit products. For more detailed information about Insinol and its manufacturer, you may refer to the website where it is sold.

Insinol scam ?

It’s important to be cautious with products like Insinol that claim to treat or manage diabetes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns against using products marketed as dietary supplements or over-the-counter drugs that promise to prevent, treat, or cure diabetes, as they may be sold illegally and could be harmful. These products sometimes contain harmful ingredients, no active ingredients at all, or hidden prescription drugs, and can lead to dangerous interactions with other medications or delay effective treatment​​.

In the case of Insinol, the Kementerian Kesihatan (KKM) in Malaysia has stated that it does not endorse any product or food item that can replace medication, including insulin, for treating and controlling diabetes. This statement came following claims that Insinol was developed by the Institut Endokrinologi Malaysia and recommended by health authorities​​.

Furthermore, a review of the Insinol website by Scamadviser indicates several warning signs. The website owner’s identity is hidden, and the site shares a server with several unreliable websites. The domain was registered recently, and it’s recommended to thoroughly check the website to ensure it’s not set up by scammers​​.

Given these points, it’s crucial to consult with healthcare professionals for legitimate diabetes treatment and be wary of products like Insinol that make unsubstantiated claims. Always verify the legitimacy of health products and their claims before use.

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