Parasotin Malaysia

Parasotin is a natural anti-parasitic supplement available in Malaysia, formulated from a blend of seven rare herbal extracts. It’s designed to safely and effectively remove parasitic roots from the human body. This supplement is claimed to eliminate over 100 types of dangerous parasites and enhance immune system functions. It is available for purchase online and comes in tablet form, with no reported side effects. However, it’s advised to consult a doctor before use, especially for pregnant or nursing women and children under a certain age​​​​​​.

What is Parasotin

Parasotin is a dietary supplement that claims to target parasites and worms in the body. It is marketed as a natural product made from a combination of various herbal extracts. The supplement is designed to eliminate parasites at every stage of their development, addressing issues that arise when treatments only target adult parasites. Parasotin is also said to help in detoxifying the liver, restoring intestinal microflora, and strengthening the immune system. It’s important to note that while Parasotin is available for purchase and is promoted for these uses, it’s always advisable to consult healthcare professionals before starting any new supplement, especially for individuals with specific health conditions or concerns​​​​​​.

Is Parasotin safe ?

Parasotin is marketed as a safe herbal detox dietary supplement, primarily used for eliminating parasites and toxins from the body. It claims to detoxify the liver, strengthen the immune system, and restore gut balance by removing parasites and their eggs. The product is popular in Malaysia and is available without a prescription, suitable for everyone over the age of 14 years.

The supplement is made from natural ingredients like Flos Lonicera Japonica, Cortex Phellodendron, Gardenia Cape Jasmine Extract, and Gantania Extract, and is designed to be gentle on the stomach. According to user testimonials and comments on various health forums, Parasotin has been effective in improving general health and well-being, with many users reporting positive health improvements after regular use. It’s important to note that these are user experiences, and individual results may vary.

Parasotin is recommended to be taken as two capsules three times a day after meals, for a period of at least 20 days, and to be repeated every six months for optimal results. The supplement is reportedly free from negative side effects or contraindications due to its all-natural composition.

Despite these claims, it’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially for individuals with specific health conditions or concerns​​​​.

Parasotin KKM

Parasotin has been approved by KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia), which means it has passed the necessary clinical and quality tests in Malaysia. This approval indicates that the supplement can be taken without a prescription due to its all-natural content. According to available information, Parasotin does not cause harmful side effects, which is a significant factor in its approval by health experts. However, as with any supplement, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially for individuals with specific health conditions or concerns.

Parasotin price

The price of Parasotin in Malaysia is approximately 169 MYR. This price is based on the information available from official sources. It’s important to note that prices may vary and it’s advisable to check the current price on the official website or authorized sellers for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, discounts and special promotions might be available, which could affect the final purchase price.

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